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    Weak or no signal detected



      I've been using slingbox for about 6-7 years. We are using it in a medium large cable company, were we have located 20 slingbox'es in remote regions, for checking if broadcast and VoD services are working. During the time we have been using the slingboxes we have had a lot of problems with the "no video detected" OSD when loging into the slingbox. Most of the slingboxes we have is the Slingbox SOLO. Usually login to the slingbox is ok, but very often the slingbox (via composite) can not sync, or get any video from the set top box. The problem is not fixed by rebooting the slingbox, but after rebooting the set top box the slingbox is always able to show video. This is purely a problem between the slingbox and the set top box, and NOT a network issue! Any others who have had the same experience, and if so any ideas if this is caused by the slingbox loosing sync, via composite, or is it a set top box problem?