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    Trouble with audio and remote on my 350


      Hello -

        After hooking up the Slingbox 350 my audio was fine for about 3 minutes.  Then is started to cut in and out rapidly.  I have excellent connectivity according to the message on the screen at the top left.  But my audio is bad.  Any fixes on this??

        Also, I have a UHF remote control for the Dish Satelite receiver (Dish ViP 612), but I can (and have) switched it over to the IR mode in hopes of being able to control the DIsh receiver with the Slingbox virtual remote.  It won't work at all.  Any suggestions on that problem.  I would like to try some different remote controls from the on-line "set-up" program, but everytime I go back into setup it by-passes the remote control selection process.  I have looked for an "edit" or "change settings" for remotes, but no luck.  Thanks everyone.