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    One channel is not tunning




      My Slingbox PRO was offline for a few weeks while my mother back home in Brazil was moving from one ISP to another. Yesterday I gained access to it but I'm having issues tuning channel 4 analogue VHF.


      It's funny because when I change to channel 4, it shows bad reception as if I had tuned an off air channel. Then after a couple of minutes it miraculously tunes in and I can watch for as long as I want until I


      - disconnect and reconnect, or

      - change channels and then change back to channel 4, or

      - change from tuner to AV input and back to tuner


      I'm trying to diagnose whether there could be something wrong with the communal aerial or the coax cable, but in the meantime I wanted to ask this community if they've ever seen a Slingbox tuner beginning to fail by having similar issues with particular channels.


      Channel 4 is by far the one we watch the most, so if it is possible for only one to fail, it's very likely to be this one. Or is this non-sense and the tuner either works or doesn't work?


      Many thanks for your help.