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    Error 3 - but only first thing in the morning?


      Hi, had my slingbox about a month and was hoping this probem would sort itself out...


      Every morning I wake up switch the TV on, wake up the boxee up, and start the slingplayer app.

      And every morning 80%/20% I will get a timeout and error 3 after its logged in but before it connected to my HD Pro.

      If I turn the boxee off/on or reboot boxee or restart my router sometimes it will come on.


      When it connects it works fine for the rest of the day, I can start/stop the app as much as i want.


      So I guess firstly what does error 3 mean?

      Anyone got any tips fixing it?


      Sould also add I have no problem with pc connection at any time

      And all the equipment is connecting over wifi internally.

      Sometimes when I switch my TV on in the morning the slingplayer app is still on and working but if I leave the app and go back in then i get the error 3 again.