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    multiple sling products and multiple accounts


      i have three slingbox products- currently using a single account to access them. is it possible to use one account to access from the website but keep a local preference for accessing a product.


      three boxes are - 1) slingbox pro, 2) slingbox solo 3)echostar freesat

      one is used mainly in the Jamaican area by my mother via website (used to use pc sling player but having access problems unabl keep the account details to log in (65year old not totally happy with computers)

      the other two use either slingplayer on android or website . but if i use web then mother gets the last box used as the one to watch and not her box the solo. i then have to use logmein to change the box she is watching.

      the easy way would be to have a local preference to which box to watch.