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    Problem connecting Logitech Revue to Slingbox Pro


      Hi.  When I run the Slingplayer on my Logitech Revue I get an error message: "Please ensure your Slingbox has latest firmware installed by running 'Slingbox Setup' ....(code:22)."  When I access the Slingbox from the PC and check for updates, it indicates that I am running the current firmware.  Slingobx info shows FW version 1.4.20, HW version 1.34.3.


      Any suggestions?



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          Hello hcohe1u,


          Thank you for contacting us here on the forums! The Logitech Revue is not currently compatible with the Slingbox PRO. You would need the Slingbox SOLO model or newer. Please check out the following link for more information:


          Hope this helps!

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              callanish Apprentice

              That's false information Archie.


              The Logitech Revue hasn't worked with the Solo for close to a year now. Ever since Honeycomb on Google TV was updated to 3.2, the slingapp / weblink on the Revue no longer works with the Solo. It's a performance issue with the Revue that causes a Frame per rate issue that has been acknowledged by Slingmedia, but the intent to fix it has been completely abandoned. Sony's NSZ-GS7 and the Vizio co-star both aren't experiencing this issue probably due to the dual core processor, but if you want to watch your slingbox solo / pro-hd on a connected device, stay clear of the Revue.