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    Using WD TV Live as a source with Slingbox 500


      All devices are updated with the newest firmware.  Connectivity is good between the devices, however, I can't control the WD TV Live device through the Slingbox software as I can't choose a remote that will work for it.  I researched via the forums and found that you could previously install some bin files with the proper remote but this is only possible via the old SlingPlayer software which does not support the 500 box. 


      Am I totally dreaming here that eventually I can get this to work?  Reading the forums here and other searches elsewhere, it looks like this may be a pipedream and I'm not sure why. 


      Other possible solutions that I've heard is to download the WD tool on my iOS devices to control the box that way.  I'll try to give that a go now but I doubt that is promising. 


      Any other advice to be had out there?  Just to be clear, if I kick off the WD TV Live and play some content and then launch the Slingbox software, everything works great. 


      Thanks for any help you can provide!