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    Issues with WD-live


      I've had a classic for 5 years

      Just bought a WD-Live – stated Slinbox firmware is incompatible.

      I've read where someone has had success with WD Live on an HD Pro

      So I bought a new HD Pro.

      WD-Live states Slingbox firmware is still incompatible.

      I checked the HR Pro firmware version – I'm running 2.1.210 and it states that's the latest.

      But I see out on placeshiftingenthusiasts.com, a 2.1.370 is avialable and yet I don't see a 2.1.210 there.

      I tried manually installing 2.1.370 under advance mode.  Slingbox Setup Assistant states "Invalid firmware".

      Tried a few other updates from this year – all result in setup assistant reporting "Invalid firmware"

      Interestingly, the Browse path changes to C:\fakepath\SbPbProHdFwV2_01_370_HwV1_0_0Current.bin

      Can someone verify that WD Live can run with an HD Pro?

      Any thoughts on my software update issue.  How can I manual pull down latest software from this website?

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          I realized I left one piece of information out.  I was using the obsolete Slingplayer executable  (v2.0.4.521) to detect and then manually install the the updated  firmware. While the Windows Slingplayer executable thought I was running  the latest version and also thought the binary I had was bad, the web  app thought differently.  It immediately realized the firmware was not  up to date and downloading it without me having to force things.

          So life is good, the WD TV Llive is talking just fine now with my HD Pro.

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              Thanks for the post. I had the exact same problem and after almost turfing the WD Live SMP I found this post and got my Slingbox Pro HD firmware updated. The WD Live SMP now works like a charm.

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                  Glad that worked for you.

                  I still have the WD-live but I found another solution you might be

                  interested in.

                  I still use the WD-live for streaming from my media centers, etc.

                  But with Slingbox as you know, there is a delay when you want to

                  interact with the Set-Top-Box.


                  I started experimenting and evaluating Wireless HDMI

                  I've settled on a product from ActionTec.

                  You might have a look-see at what they offer.  I realize that it may not

                  be applicable in your particular environment.

                  I have heard that audio can be a blocked by some cable STBs.  I use

                  DirecTV and have no issues.

                  The ActionTec has a transmitter which can support up to 4 receivers and

                  the device handles HDCP.

                  I had some issues early on with multiple receivers, but I'm now a beta

                  firmware tester for them.

                  The latest beta firmware is pretty flawless.


                  Good luck