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    Cannot finish setup

    lolento Newbie



      I'm wondering if I received a dud 350.


      Basically, every time I setup the device, when it gets to configuring the component signal it would show an error message that the slingbox 350 is reboot and that I should reconnect later.


      Tried for a few hours.


      When I plug my 500 (which I planned on returning) back to the setup, it shows that the component video is fine and audio is fine.  I even went through a complete setup with the 500 and no errors.


      Any suggestions?  I really want to return the 500 because it doesn't add anything for me over the 350.

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          lolento Newbie

          The exact error message I'm seeing is


          "The Slingbox device rebooted due to an internal error. Wait a few minutes and retry connecting."


          An this is with 2 slingbox 350 already, I returned the first one to exchange a second one.

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              lolento Newbie

              One more update -


              If I output the signal at 720P then the 350 would finish the setup. 


              Then when I change the resolution back to 1080P the 350 would reboot again!

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                  shaysfn Novice

                  Hey lolento,


                  Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you have a question regarding why your Slingbox reboots when you change from 720p to 1080p.


                  I would love to help you with this issue, but I just have a couple of questions first.


                  1.  Do you have an HDMI cable going from your cable box to your TV?

                  2.  How do you have your Slingbox connected, are you using component cables adn HDMI cables?


                  Hoping to hear from you soon.




                  Sling Moderation Team

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                      lolento Newbie

                      1.  Yes, my av receiver is connected via HDMI.


                      2.  The original HDMI conection is split via an HDMI splitter with one HDMI output going to a receiver and the other output to a hdfury HDMI to component converter.  The component output from the hdfury is going into the slingbox 350.


                      The HDMI connection is unencrypted but i had audio issue with the slingbox 500 using HDMI, please see My other post on the 500s message board.

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                        lolento Newbie

                        I was out earlier so I couldn't elaborate on the details but here is the complete story about my problem with the new 500 and the 350.


                        1.  First the Slingbox 500


                        My original setup was to connect my HTPC via HDMI to the Slingbox 500 and from the Slingbox 500 HDMI passthru to my AV receiver.  My HDMI is unencrypted (I made sure of that).


                        The problem with this setup is that I cannot get audio from the Slingbox 500 via the HDMI connection.  The video shows up on the stream without any audio AND the passthru HDMI to my AV receiver works with BOTH video and audio.  The audio format carried thru my HDMI connection is compressed digital (Dolby Digital 5.1).


                        I contacted Slingbox phone support but the technician was useless.  She kept telling me to connect the composite audio to the Slingbox in order to get the audio going and she told me that my problem will be escalated to an Engineer (my incident number for the call is 632580).


                        So after trying numerous other things (see my other thread on the Slingbox 500 message board), I broke down and purchased an Audio DAC (digital analog converter) so that I can get a composite audio connection.  I connected the composite audio input to my Slingbox 500.  I did get audio but ONLY via the component input only and NOT via HDMI input.  So basically, after spending another $60 on a audio converter, I'm only getting audio (no picture) with the component input and video (no sound) with the HDMI input.  


                        I called Slingbox again and was basically told to connect the component video!!!  So I broke down again and bought an HDfury HDMI to component converter.  From that, I connected the component video input and the composite audio input, and everything works from the Slingbox 500.  However, this is after spending another $250 on other components.


                        2.  The Slingbox 350


                        Then I realized that since I am only using the component inputs on the Slingbox 500,  I can actually just use a Slingbox 350 instead and save a bit of the extra money I spent.


                        Well, after many hours of doing the webpage setup, I find that the Slingbox 350 CANNOT pick up a 1080P signal.


                        Initially, during setup, after I enter the location of the device and when the Slingbox is detecting the Component signal, the Slingbox 350 keeps rebooting!  I was insane enough to keep redoing this setup for a couple hours then I went back to Best Buy and exchange for a second Slingbox 350.


                        The second 350 show the same issue so I think I didn't have a defective box.  So I then reduced my HTPC's resolution to 720P.  The setup is still the HDMI from my HTCP connected to a HDMI splitter, one end of the HDMI splitter connected to my AV receiver, the other HDMI connected to an HDfury HDMI to component converter, and finally the component output from the HDfury connected to the slingbox 350 (this is the same setup as with the slingbox 500 which worked).


                        After dropping the resolution down to 720P, everything went fine.  The slingbox 350 can finish the setup and I can stream.  However, when I then change back my HTPC's resolution back to 1080P, the slingbox 350 would just keep crashing and rebooting.


                        3.  My conclusion


                        So now I am back to using the Slingbox 500...everything is working but I am extremely not happy.


                        My ideal setup would be for the Slingbox 500 to handle the HDMI connection correctly.  However, it seems the slingbox 500 cannot handle the audio stream in HDMI so I'm stuck with buying an extra audio DAC and an HDfury.


                        If I have to buy an audio DAC and an HDfury, I like to use the Sllingbox 350 because it is cheaper and it is all I need for my setup.  However, the Slingbox 350 is a complete failure.  It was advertised to be able to handle 1080P but NO, it only handles 720P.


                        Keep in mind that my 1080P setup, as it currently stands, works on the 500 but not the 350.


                        So then, why do I still need a 350?  A slingbox solo or the slingbox ProHD (which I already own; as you can see in my acct) also can already do 720P.

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                            OvCollyer Apprentice

                            You've certainly been through the hoops there!


                            Seems like the 500 really ought to handle the audio. Have you tried any other HDMI sources to see if the audio works with them? I.e. is it something particular about the audio coming from your HTPC or a more generic audio problem? Are there any settings in your HTPC that you could try to change the audio format or something?

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                                alanrichey42 Master

                                We discussed this in another thread, as my 500 definately works fine with the HDMI audio.   We found that if you have the component and the HDMI inputs 'linked' during the setup then the 500 ignores the HDMI audio stream and uses the RCA Red/Yellow inputs for the Audio.


                                Might that be the answer ?

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                                    lolento Newbie

                                    LOL...I love how users think for solutions around the Slingbox because of Slingmedia's inability to help their customers.


                                    And we have already discussed your solution from the other thread which is exactly what the Sling phone technician told me to do - connect the composite audio.


                                    Turns out the 500 cannot let user select the audio input and it is also not smart enough to detect the audio is coming from composite.  So, like I said, for the 500 setup, I ended up having to buy an HDfury as well to convert the HDMI to component video.  So now I have component input and composite audio, that works; this is after buying another $300 worth of peripheral equipment.

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                                    lolento Newbie

                                    This was touched on from the thread in the 500 message board.


                                    Someone asked whether the audio in the HDMI stream is native or not.  And it is and I cannot change it.  AMD/ATi video cards only allow users to change the speaker configuration.  As far as I can see from the info on my receiver, the video card is outputting whatever the source audio format is.


                                    I tried changing the speaker configuration for the AMD/ATi card to stereo and the problem persist (also that my receiver is only outputting stereo).


                                    Let me repeat again that the HDMI passthru from my Slingbox to the receiver, both the audio and video are processed correctly.

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                                  lolento Newbie

                                  Any update?

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                                    lolento Newbie



                                    Still no update? 


                                    I really only want to know if Slingbox has mis-advertised that 350 supports 1080p.  From all of the testing that I've, it doesn't look like it supports 1080p input.