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    How to get Slingplayer to prevent screen timeout on SGS3


      I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and just recently installed the SlingPlayer.  It seems that the screen timeout overrules the Slingplayers' sleep prevention.  When I turn my screen back on, the Slingplayer would say that my password is incorrect and I would have to reenter it.  I've tried reentering multiple times and it will play after restarting the app but would not stay on past the screen timeout.  Even without reentering the password, the same thing happens.  I've tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the app.  The app works just fine on my older HTC G1 so I know it works.  The only difference between both phones is that the S3 have 2 gmail accounts (the main one is synced but the secondary isn't).  The secondary account is the one I used to purchase the software through Google's Play Store.  I've even tried using an app backup program to backup the apk from the G1 to the S3 and do the install that way but still no luck.

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          Hey BuddhaTJ,


          Thanks for using our Ansers Forum.  I understand that your having an issue with your Slingplayer app on your Samsung Galaxy SG3 and the fact that it keeps timing out when watching your Slingbox.



          I do have a link to another forum thread that does supply a possible work around for this issue for you.



          Hope this helps.




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              I appreciate the work around but I don't think this is satisfactory to most people who purchase your product.  The hardware itself is a couple hundred bucks.  The Slingplayer app is $30.  Now you're asking me to shell out another $6 for another app as a workaround for what your app claims to be able to do.  This app should work as advertised and updates should be pushed out when there are bugs.  Since your app shuts off at the device screen timeout, the max I can keep this app running without interruption is 10 mins.  Please have the developers produce a fix for this issue.