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    connection timeout on "getting slingboxes..."


      I was reading few messages on the forum which are related to Revue, WD and boxee and they all seem to suffer from the same problem.

      I use myself the sony NSZ-GS7 google tv, which is not officially supported, and doesn't have a forum thread and therefor I post here.


      From my experiance the player for connected devices hangs often in the "getting slingboxes" phase. If I understand this correctly, at this phase it is suppose to go to the sling servers and get a list of your boxes. Why does it time out on this player while getting through successfully from my mac player (located on the same network)?


      Getting the box directory should be a simple and "light" operation on the internet. Maybe the player's settings are too tight for this operation? It sure sounds that way.


      After few retries I eventually do get through and connection to my slingbox is good.


      For sure, I could spoof my network, do some dns magic and cache those results from the sling servers but a better solution will be to loose up the connection settings on the player or alternatively have the option to set it in the player as you wish or even cache them!


      I'll appreciate it if someone from the technical group could answer my question and not a sales representative

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          I have the same issue with the connection timing out on the NSZ-GS7.  Nobody from Slingbox seems to respond or care, so I don't know that there will ever be a solution.

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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              Does this happen at a certain (rough) time of day?


              I flagged this a few weeks ago in the WD Slingplayer section here and you will see that Matt.Sling was looking into it but I never heard any more.


              To he honest I've not tried to connect the WD player at the problematic times since and I've now put the piece of useless c**p on the shelf since nobody either here or at WD gives a flying one about the issues that I and others have experienced (this, plus the stupid thing freezing half the time) apparently.


              Shame on you Sling for your half hearted approach to communicate with your customers let alone actually fix something!

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                  I can't say that it happens in any specific time of the day.

                  What frustrating is that "getting slingboxes" is the easiest part in the whole communication chain, if it would hang on connecting to the slingbox or on streaming I could understand it, but on getting the box'es ip address? this is really stupid.

                  And on the same time I can connect with no problem from my computer. so what's the story?


                  And for your last point... yes, I don't think that anyone at sling media really cares