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    iPhone 5. Slingplayer 3.1. Pro-HD no HD ??


      I have deleted the app, re-installed. quit it multiple times. power cycled my Slingbox and nothing.

      I still get video that is not HD or that fills my iphone 5 screen


      Help ;-)


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          Hello herschelmbrown,


          Thank you for contacting us here on the forums in regards to the Slingplayer for iPhone. You should now be able to view full screen on the iPhone 5, but in order to do so you would need to update your current Slingplayer for iPhone application. If the problem still persists, check out the informational links that will help you understand the issue at hand:


          In regards to the issue with HD streaming, I do have a couple questions for you:

          • How are you connected with the Slingbox? (i.e. component cables, composite cables)
          • When you are viewing the Slingbox, is this only on the iPhone or on a PC as well when you are not seeing HD quality?


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              I have this same problem with 3.6.4

              • iPhone 5
              • Pro-HD
              • Output from cable box is component HD - three (RGB) cables + one audio (Y)


              PC = Good (HD)

              iPads = Good (HD)


              iPhone 5 = Bad...

              ...display shows 16:9 small (black boarder all 4 sides). All combinations of zoom changes the 16:9 ratio to something else, not 16:9. (e.g. width zooms to the border properly but height stretches and slightly distorts the vertical, so top & bottom are off-screen. if it would just zoom equally the screen would fill properly, but it doesn't)


              I have a good understanding of aspect ratios and the links in all the other posts are not necessary.

              This has been like this for a long time and can be frustrating for a $25 app.


              No one seems to believe this is happening, most replies have been describing ratios.