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    SOLO blinking network light


      Equipment involved:

      • SOLO Slingbox
      • SlingPlayer
      • Slingmedia Smartphone app
      • Linksys Router WRT54G


      Problem: Slingbox blinking network light. Unable to connect to network.



      • Slingbox/SlingPlayer has worked in the past.
      • Was able to connect to Slingbox one time in past several days; however during setup, system could not "see" video source. Found out due to cable tech not re-hooking connections to cable box after service call. After reconnection, unable to duplicate network setup connection.
      • Have performed all web Support recommendations pertaining to problem
        • Check router power
        • Restart Slingbox/router
        • Disconnected/reinserted Ethernet connections at Slingbox/SlingPlayer
        • Restarted Slingbox
        • Slingbox and SlingPlayer plugged into power strips due to amount of equipment/plug availability.
        • Slingbox reset to factory

      Help! Suggestions anyone?