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    Unable to access Slingbox directory

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      So I have a WDTV live, with latest firmware (the one that must have just been released that says it supports the SB350 & 500).


      I go to Live TV, choose Slingplayer, it loads, I put in my Sling account details and log in, which appears to be successful, and then it says "Getting Slingboxes..." but at this stage it times out every time giving the following message:


      "Connection Timed Out


      Unable to connect to Network. Please check that your network connection is working properly. Then try again. (code:3)."


      he network is fine (I'm connected using ethernet) - for example on the same device I can play content from BBC iPlayer, and indeed it appears to accept my login credentials when signing into Slingplayer, and only fails when trying to read the directory.


      Also, worth noting that a SlingCatcher on the same network works just fine.


      So, what gives and how can I fix this?

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Well, it solved itself after a reboot of the WDTV and I haven't seen it since.


          Don't know what was happening there.

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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              So, having now setup the WDTV Live at a remote location from the Slingbox, I'm getting this again, repeatedly. If I can't rely on being able to connect at any given time then it makes this device and the Slingplayer useless.


              The thing is, I know my connection is fine - at the same time as it tries to get the slingbox directory I am able to login and view a stream on my laptop, on the same local network.


              So there is definitely something wrong with this software, and I'd like Sling to acknowledge and fix it!