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    Will Slingbox PRO-HD work with both OTA and cable set top box?


      My home setup is an outside rooftop antenna to pick up regional channels the local cable provider doesn't carry, as well as basic cable to pick up various sports and entertainment channels.


      I wish to access the above remotely.  From my basic research, it appears as if the Slingbox PRO-HD is the only model which might possibly work with this setup.  The TV is digital (standard definition - not interested in hi def), and there is neither a set top box nor a DVR.  I do have DVD and VHS players for occasional use when I'm at home.  Yes, it's old school, but it works for me and I'm happy.


      Will the Sling Software enable me to switch between OTA and cable?  And how might this work when I'm viewing TV at home?  If this works, how do I arrange the cables between the various boxes?  Would like to confirm it will work before purchasing.