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    Slingplayer for Windows 8 Store?  (ARM device compatibility)


      Are you currently planning / working on a Slingplayer app for the Windows 8 Store?  I have a Microsoft Surface Tablet that cannot install plugins to Internet Explorer.


      The only way for me to use Slingplayer would be through an app on the Windows 8 store that has been made ARM compatible.


      Please make this a #1 priority!  You have a HUGE market here, and yes, I'm willing to pay AGAIN for your app.



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          I just called support about this - the answer was they do not know.  I find it ridiculous that a technology company could be so behind on something like this to not have both a desktop and RT version of SlingPlayer ready at the W8 launch but to not even have an answer as to when they will be ready is unacceptable.  I will be dumping my SlingBox, I don't need antiquated technology with poor support.