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    Why does Slingbox Pro-HD "Watch" feature crash Internet Explorer 8?


      I called support on 10/15/12 about this issue, and he had no answer as to why IE8 was crashing when I attempted to use the "watch" feature. It had been working fine the first nine months I had been using my SB-Pro-HD. He thought it might have been because the Slingbox server was overloaded during the first few weeks of the roll-out of their two new products (SB-350 and SB-500). Evidently they've had a lot of action since then. He suggested trying to access "Watch" on Google Chrome. I did and it worked fine.


      My questions are: Has anyone else had this problem? If so, does "Watch" now work on IE8? If so, what did you do if anything?


      Finally, to any moderator who might read this: Why did that happen? If it is a bug, has it been fixed?


      Steve G.