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    New slingbox no Antenna tuner what now?


      Posted in wrong group. Trying again.


      I need the slingbox to use an over the air antenna. Now that there is no anttena jack in the new one is there any converter I can use to hook up an anntena?


      Saw this and looking for any responce.


      Slingboxes have never really been about cord cutting, and the new iteration is even less so, as none of the new models features an integrated ATSC tuner capable of receiving over-the-air broadcasts.Sling plans to eventually sell an USB adapter for that purpose, but Sling’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Raghu Tarra told me that over-the-air usage in the past has been “in the single digits.”




      First that is quote is completly incorrect and honestly a liitle stupid. Less then 10 people use OTA out of all the slingboxes in the world. Yeah sure.


      In the comments a number of people are complaining about the lack of tuner also




      I just want to know a general time frame. Before Christmas?