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    Have to reconfigure after power outage


      I am a bit ******.


      For each power outage the 500 has to be reset, not only that but during the reset process an update is required which forces you to do the entire configuration again.


      If there is no way to avoid this, I'll just have to send the box back for a refund.


      Any help out threre?



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          Surely for 300 bucks a cmos battery would have been possible.

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              Matt.Sling Apprentice

              Hi Brian,

              It is true that the SB500 will check for any software updates if it's power cycled. This is an automated funciton, and we have had several updates since the recent launch, so the Slinbox is recognizing these and going through its configuration process.


              Is it a regular occurence for you to lose power? Once the Slingbox has the updated firmware, it would only update as needed, and will give you a prompt that an update is coming, and allow you to delat if needed.



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                  When there are storms, lights do flicker or go out for a short period.  It is also common practice to disconnect electrical items to prevent damage or to save energy when not in use.


                  It just seems that saving the basic user data like wireless network address, email address, password and other settings like remote control configuration would be so simple and only add a buck or two to production costs.


                  The config process is a hassle, no getting around that making the otherwise great slingbox only 'good' or 'tedious' when power is removed for any reason.


                  Considering that the device is basically used for remote viewing and cannot be re-configured remotely, i.e. on vacation or during travels, I am very surprised, even astounded that this feature has not been included.


                  This is the only reason I am returning the unit for refund and will reconsider a future slingbox when this is fixed.


                  Thanks for clarifying the update issue, but still puzzled that we were instructed to push the reset button for 10 seconds.. doesn't that set the unit back to 'factory' condition, requiring update to the lastest version each time?


                  We installed the unit on 23 October and the lights went out on 28 October..  was there an update between these two dates?