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    Only getting Approx 200kbps


      Slingbox working O.K until 14.30 GMT Yesterday.

      Now Picture & Sound Freezing due to only getting 200kbps.

      Checked back home and here , all connections O.K.

      Checked on another Persons Network , getting the same 200kbps.

      Any Ideas ?.

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello keo1,


          Thank you for post here on our answer forum, I see that you are running into a low bandwidth problem. I would be more than happy to try and get you up and running again. What I would like you to do is try and reset the box sometimes thins clears the issue you are having, I will put a link below that will walk you through the steps of resetting that slingbox.





          Hope this helps,


          Thank You,

          Sling Moderation Team