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    Streaming from one room to another?


      My main reason for purchasing the SB500 is to stream video from one TV (Time Warner DVR) over to the one

      (LG -3D- WIFI) (TV has browser, limited flash capabilities) - (Playstation3 browser w/full flash capabilities via WIFI) in the livingroom.
      I am wondering if the TV via WiFi or PS3 would shake hands with it..


      I cant seem to find any documentation on whether this can be done without purchasing any other device (boxee, etc) for the
      livingroom set. Plus, is there a chance that particular stream would be 1080p? I'm glad I researched and found out
      about HDCP before I bought, that would have bummed me out like other folks that didn't know HDMI will be limited.
      I seems to me streaming in the network might be possible in 1080p somehow..


      Thanks in advance...

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          Hello Skyballdan,


          That is not only a great question, but a common question as well. Currently the Playstation 3 is not supported as a connected device. Check out the link below for our currently supported connected devices:


          Hope this helps!

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks for the reply..


              So, its clear now, I have to get a Boxee or similar to connect my second TV.

              I already have 2 smart TV's, so much of the Boxee functionality would not be needed, its like

              throwing money out the window, in my case anyway..It seems like there should be a better way..


              Isnt the interface required similar on the PS2/Xbox?

              Seems like its custom made for this type of application.


              If you ever get PS2/Xbox as supported connected devices, you guys would rule the wireless kingdom......


              I'm not sure what I am going to do, now that I have to spend the additional money just for the in house set up.