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    Either bring back the desktop client or fix the web


      This is rediculous to have to log in every time I start the thing up.  Then I have to pick the country every time.  Then I have to get past your bs page on how great your new web page is.  Just give us windows desktop people the same privilages you've given to Android and Apple.  GIve us a standalone app.  This web thing is horrible.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Two points here.   You should only have to go through that once, and the information is saved in a cookie.  Do you have cookies disabled ?


          And you can always use the desktop client instead:  http://download.slingmedia.com/player/pc/SlingPlayer-2.0.4-Setup.exe or http://download.slingmedia.com/player/mac/SlingPlayer-1.0.10.dmg

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              Desktop client doesn't work with 350 or 500.

              Android player doesn't work with older slingboxes.



              I am keeping my old Slingbox Pro-HD to use for almost all viewing with the Windows desktop player which does almost everything SlingPlayer should and using my 500 with the crippled web player for Android tab viewing only. No audio only option on any new players (web, iPhone, Android, etc.). Why remove a feature that is ideal for mobile devices with limited bandwidth? And why does the web player eat through my powerful laptop's resources way more than the desktop player?


              Such a sad state of affairs for such a fantastic product.


              Sling - get your act together. This is absurd!

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                We use 2 other slingboxes at my work to record scheduled audio events in another part of our campus. I bought one of the new SB 500's thinking we would be able to do something the same with video, using an HDMI input from a camera, but now the SlingPlayer doesn't work.

                Now you have to log into the browser app to view the 350 and 500's...

                Unfortunately, our campus' bandwidth isn't able to handle sending HD video and audio off campus and then turn around and bring it right back on campus, and there's too much of a delay compared to using just the SlingPlayer.

                Please just let the SB 350's and 500's use the software like the HD and Solo...


                I'm seriously thinking about returning the 500 and just finding a PRO-HD that I can still use with the client... Or finding a different product all together, if this is how Slingmedia is planning on heading.

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                Hello jlschulz,


                I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with our web player! What seems to be happening is that the browser you are using is clearing your history and cookies when you close, which deletes the saved data for the website preventing your login from being saved. You shouldn't have to select the country and log in each time you visit our site.


                This is easily fixed by changing your Internet browser settings to prevent that from happening. I can provide you with instructions on how to do so if you can provide which browser and operating system you are using!



                  The Sling Moderation Team

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                  I just got the 350 I was wanting for Christmas replacing my SOLO which I have had for years.

                  I miss the SlingPlayer app enough that I am looking at returning the 350 and keeping my SOLO.

                  I use the app extensively at my desk where I have up to 30 browser sessions open for work related activities with SlingPlayer in the background and I really dont want to go digging through all of the sessions trying to find which window my Slingbox is running in.  Additionally, firing up the slingbox used be as easy as opening SlingPlayer and did not require login or internet access.  Local LAN access was all needed.


                  The web access is usable, but definitely not my preferred method of watching my slingbox.