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    Port Forwarding


      I'm doing the best I can trying to understand port forwarding but I'm getting skull cramps and my Slingbox Solo picture when I watch my Slingbox online or on my iPad is not very good quality.  The seleciton to choose Auto or HD is greyed out.  The troubleshooting steps suggest I use port forwarding. 


      Here's what I have:


      -DirecTV HR34-700 with a DirecTV router connect to it via ethernet cable (so I can get 10,000+ shows I guess)

      -Slingbox Solo connected to DirecTV via component cables and to Linksys WET610N Wirelss Ethernet Bridge via ethernet cable

      -Actiontec C100A DSL Modem/Router in my office downstairs


      I understand how to get to the router's setup page but I cannot make port forwarding work as I'm not sure which device to forward.  Online it says to forward the Slingbox (IP address  I see that as a wireless device on my router's page.  But I also see a device called Slingbox (IP address and my Linksys Ethernet Bridge (IP address and my DirecTV (IP address


      I have no idea what to forward to port 5001 and I've tried them all.  No help.  I'll probably burst into flames at any moment and would certainly appreciate some help.



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          stringer3 Newbie

          If you have a slingbox solo, we are all waiting for a fix to enable streaming to iPad in Auto or HQ.  sling have disabled these two options while working on a fix.  Fix promised by end of October!  So IN THEORY not long to wait!

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            Hello joturnage,


            I understand the confusion, port forwarding can seem like a pain sometimes. Check out this link that will assist you with the setup. If you are still having trouble with setting up your port, feel free to contact us via our chat support or phone support (please see the links below):


            Hope this helps!

              The Sling Moderation Team


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              I just had the same issue.  My DSL provider was EMBARQ and have a NETGEAR wireless router which required setting up the port forwarding. I am using sling links to provide internet to the SLING BOX SOLO.  What we (ME AND NETGEAR) had to do was actually call EMBARQ and setup my DSL modem to switch to BRIDGE MODE.  and walla!  Instant working.  Good Luck.

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                  Thanks to all of you for tyring to help me but I just cannot fgure it out.  I can watch my slingbox on my iPhone and iPad and computer, but the picture is lousy.  I tried using the SlingBox recommended setup steps but my modem is not one of the ones available so the screenshots are not applicable to me.  I will wait and see if the problem fixes itself when an update comes out and I'll keep fiddling...  If I come up with a solution I will post it.


                  I tried contacting Sling directly but my SlingBox is out of warranty so they wouldn't help.