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    no on screen remote control


      Slingplayer in wd live tv is without remote, there is no option to chnage channels. Help needed urgently..



      Thanks in advanve


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          alanrichey42 Master

          Is the remote shoing on other viewing systems (PC, Mobile..) ?

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            Hi there,


            You can access most functions of the remote control through the blue button of the WDTV Live remote. If you go in the MISC menu you will find all the OnDemand and other stuff.


            Or press the yellow button on the remote to bring up the Guide and from there you can navigate with the arrows.


            Or just type in the channel number on the WDTV remote to change channel.



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                When I click the Green Button a menu with Quick Keys menu comes up:

                G       Program Guide

                D       DVR

                M       Menu

                R       Record

                I       info

                O      Pause

                ;       Last


                How to press these on the wdtv live remote control?

                I try to press the letters only numbers come up.


                Also  how to press the semi-colon " ; "

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                craig.sling Novice

                Hello manishrana,


                I would like to thank you for using the answer forum, and I would like to be more than happy to get the slingbox up and running for you. It sounds like you might not have a remote configured. If you hit the button does it do anything? If you go to the website does the remote load? Have you been through the whole setup of the slingbox and setup the remote? Please let us here at sling know so that we can get you up and going.


                Thank you,

                Sling Moderation Team

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                  I have the same problem. Slingplayer on my WD Play box shows the TV feed fine, but I can find no way to change the channel. Arrow keys on the remote cause the screen to show a box in the top right of the screen but this then disappears. Pressing "guide" does similar - nothing. I can type a number by 'clicking' on onscreen buttons, but that also has no effect. What am I doing wrong?