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    Slingplayer (iPad 3) Issues with Slingbox 350


      I just installed a new Slingbox 350 at a location with a 5M upload speed (I've tested the upload speed and it's strong).  I'm attempting to view it remotely from a location with a 30M download speed.  When I view it on my Mac laptop I'm getting speeds of ~4000k and the quality is excellent.  When I attempt to view it on my iPad 3 (with iOS 6 and the latest SlingPlayer App) I get speeds of around 1000k which drops down to 400-600k often (this is when I have the app set to Auto or High Def).  The picture freezes constantly.  I'm using the Mac laptop and the iPad on the same wireless network (new AirPort Extreme).


      What could be causing the Mac to get 4000k speeds while the iPad can only get 1000k with constant dropouts (both the computer and the iPad have a strong wireless connection)?


      It seems that I'm not the only one having these problems with Slingplayer on an iPad.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.