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    Perspective buyer




      I am a perspective buyer. Before I buy one I want to make sure I know what I am getting myself into, like what I need. I have browsed the site but still a little confused. I currently live over seas and know that I would need a slingbox somewhere state side to hook up to the internet and cable box. I have a western digital player that supports slingbox. Does this make it so that I do not need a sling catcher etc? Also, is their a difference in quality that I would be seeing between the HD one and a regular one? Thanks in advanced.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          You've got it about right but be aware that some users have reported issues with the reliability of the WDTV Slingplayer (best Google around). Hard to say what proportion of users that represents. Also, if you go for one of the new Slingboxes (SB350 or 500) at the time of writing it won't work with the WDTV although that is expected to be fixed at the end of this month (search this site for info).


          However the app for the WDTV is free so you've nothing to lose by trying and finding out for yourself - be sure to post some feedback if you do!


          In terms of whether to go HD or not, well the video is much improved if you can go HD but you will need an upload speed at the location of your Slingbox of, in my experience, 3mbps+, for HD. Definitely worth it if you have this though, or plan to upgrade your connection later. If you get a Slingbox Pro-HD or one of the new boxes it'll also handle SD which doesn't require such a fast upload (Sling say 600kbps I think).


          Bottom line is the faster your upload speed the better.

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              I appreciate the fast response. I did read about WDTV not working with the new models and they said to have a fix for it this month. I will wait and see what others say about it before I purchase. And thanks for the insight on the HD device, I think back home we got a good enough connection for that. Again, thanks again for the reassurance.

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              lolento Newbie

              Take it from me, I have been using this for a week.  Or read my review from Amazon.com or my other posts here.


              It is not worth going with the 500, the Pro-HD is much better spec'ed for practicality if you don't care about wifi.