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    Invalid Password...admin password?


      When I try to connect to slingbox, I get a box that pops up and says "Invalid password! the Slingbox password is incorrect. Try again?" It then says "Admin Password?" and has a on/off box next to that.


      I do not know why this box keeps popping up, as I was just automatically connected in the past. When I put in my password, the same box pops up again saying it is invalid. I know my password is correct because I can log onto my account on the slingbox website. I have no idea what the admin password stuff is.


      Anyone else have this happend to them? Any help is appreciated.

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          Ditto here for the iPhone app.


          Got the same messages on desktop and iPad versions of Sling this morning and eventually discovered I needed to update the firmware. Did that and after a few attempts at entering the password then I finally reconnected. I still have no idea what happened to kickstart it to life agin... or how I did it.


          Then I downloaded the iPhone app (@HK$118!!!)... and faced the same problems. This time... and so far...absolutely no joy.


          Have tried changing both my master passwords but that didn't work. Also deleted and downloaded the app again on iPhone. That doesn't work either.


          Just can't understand why Sling can't fix these problems once and for all - or clearly show the solutions without us having to dig through mountains of sh*t to try and get a crumb of an answer.


          Read other threads about this but no solution forthcoming. Please help the mass, Slingbox. It's hugely irritating!!!


          I'm 6000 miles from home so can't restore to factory settings or re-install software, etc.


          Anyone with any suggestions? Or do I just spend another couple of hours typing in the same password and getting the same b*llsh*t "Invalid Password. The Slingbox password is Incorrect. Try again?" message???

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            I have the same problem now trying to connect to my Slingbox 500 through my Slingcatcher.

            I'm logged in to my Slingbox account but when i try to connect to my new Slingbox it keep asking for pasword and telling me it's wrong.

            I have no problem when connecting through slingplayer with pc/mobile or watch online.

            What to do??