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    iPad Airplay doesn't fill full width of TV screen

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I've never been able to solve this and wondered if others had encountered it and solved it?


      Basically, when running the Slingplayer for iPad, it appears correctly on the iPad, I.e. fills the width but chops off the top and bottom so that it is correctly in 16:9 but when I Airplay this onto my TV it squashes this into a 4:3 image on my TV screen.


      I've tried changing the Aspect on both the iPad and the TV but it makes no difference - it simply takes whatever the iPad is displaying and squashes it into a 4:3 block.


      My remote source is a Sky+HD box feeding into a SB Pro-HD and it appears correctly on all other devices, it's just Airplay that does this weird squashing thing.


      Other applications don't exhibit this problem.


      The other thing is that on another Apple TV/TV combination, it can't actually start Airplay at all - it attempts (spinning circle) then fails (Apple TV returns to the user interface) then it retries again, fails, retries etc indefinitely until I switch off Airplay.


      Again, other applications are working fine on this ATV/TV combo.