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    Slingbox Pro-HD - Only Display Power Light and One 'Horseshoe' Light


      Hi there,


      I noticed when watching TV on Monday evening that the sound would 'pop' every 30 seconds or so - thinking it was the Slingbox 'needing a nudge' I decided to give it restart.  However, when I put the power back in, only the power llight and the first 'horseshoe' light come on (bright and solid), the network light is off.


      The slingbox goes to this state immediately when plugging the power in - it will route the video to my TV, but no audio - also, rather expectedly, I cannot connect to the slingbox with slingplayer.  I have also left the power out overnight and tried again, alas, as soon as plug the power back in the power and 1 horseshoe light illuminate, but nothing else happens.


      I've tried resetting the box several times but I see no reaction - I've even held the reset button down up to 5 minutes, and holding the reset button down when plugging the power back in - alas zilch.


      From looking at the forums I suspect the power adapter could be the cause, however I was hoping to see if anyone else has seen the behaviour before dropping $20 on a new power adapter.


      Thanks in advance,