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    Sling box free on iPad / iPhone?


      I just got my first soling box - a solo. All installed and working. Tried it on the PC works great!

      Then went to safari on the iPad. Logged in, tried to watch and it asks for a $15 app! Cant you just use the browser like you can on a PC???


      Do you have to buy an expensive app to watch on iPad / iPhone when a OC is free?



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          callanish Apprentice

          It's one of the unpleasant discoveries of being a slingbox owner where you find out you need to purchase a mobile app on top of the cost of the slingbox. Unfortunately, watching it directly on the iPad requires an app purchase. I paid $60 combined for my iPad and iPhone versions, so from my perspective $15 actually seems reasonable.

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            sgt1577 Newbie

            The iPad and iPhone need the app I think because they can't play flash video.   I'd save your money for now!   I along with many others are not have a good time with the iPad app.  It has been discussed here at length!!!