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    Bad or corrupt entry in my directory on ipad, iPhone, and support website, NOT on watch.slingbox.com directory




      I have a rather odd problem.  I was unable to connect to a slingbox at a friend's place.  After troubleshooting, I found it was NOT listed in my directory on watch.slingbox.com but it was in my directory on the ipad and iPhone.  I added it to the directory and now I have two listings, one that works and one that does not.  The watch website directory only shows one (the working one) so I cannot remove the bad entry.


      When I logged into the support website, I saw the corrupt/bad entry.  It shows up as an unknown model with no sling ID, no IP address info, just the name.


      How can I get this bad/corrupt entry removed from my directory?  Since it does NOT show in the directory on watch.slingbox.com I can't seem to delete it anyplace else.


      I've attached screen shots of the directory on my ipad and the support website's directory showing this corrupt entry (as seen from my ipad)


      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide in removing this entry.