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    Video Scaling Issues with Latest SlingPlayer


      Hi there,


      I posted on another forum that I was having issues with the new SlingPlayer plugin.  gmoney suggested I re-post here and give permission for someone to access my Slingbox to have a look.  Permission granted...


      There has been a recent update that seems to have fixed the Guide Performance issues and overall reliability.  I also figured out that waving your mouse over the Strength Indicator gives you the bitrate of your current stream (which I use to see how far I can get from my Router and still stream good-quality video) which is Ok.  I prefer it to be visible at all times personally...  But the signal strength indicator is Ok.


      My only hanging grudge is the video Zoom and Stretch controls have been (over) simplified/modified from the last major release.


      When I stream an HD channel (I am on Shaw Satellite), I can watch in full screen with no need to zoom or stretch video and it looks spectacular in a home-network setting with 2kbps performance.


      But any SD channel I watch only fills ~2/3 of the screen... which equates to going from a 17" TV in my kitchen (laptop) to about an 8-10" TV....  which kinda kills the benefit of Sling for me.  I watch one particular SD channel (BNN... which is only available in SD) a couple hours a day and can no longer watch it in "full" screen.


      When I try to Zoom/Stretch SD channels, the video becomes distorted, stretched and the right/left side get chopped off (when you Zoom and Stretch).


      I probably wouldn't even make it an issue if with previous version, the scaling capability and quality were better.  There seemed to be 2 steps of zoom and stretch control which allowed you to size pretty much any type of input video to suit your viewing screen.


      Here is an example of the best SD feed I can get:


      Slingbox screenshot.jpg


      I've worked a bit in Video in the past and I know that not all SD/HD feeds (from the broadcaster) are the same.  Some are good, and some not.  But the past version of the Slingplayer semmed to just work "better" when it comes to scaling video.


      Hoping we can regress on the scaling control and keep all the other cool features of the latest update!





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          speedy22 Newbie

          Yes, please bring back the 4 settings as before for sizing the channel that's viewing.


          The old player was excellent for this very thing. Some of us don't watch everything in HD and do not like the distortion it creates.


          there are many of us that are disappointed in this slow response to undoing this.

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            craig.sling Novice

            Hello grantwillreply,


            I am glad to see that you are using the answer forum to try and solve your problem. It is very strange that it is only happening on SQ for you but I do have a few articles that might help to get the video to work correctly for you.



            Hopefully these helps,


            Thank you,

            Sling Moderation Team

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                speedy22 Newbie



                That aspect ratio link you just posted, does NOT work with the webplayer on IE9. Does it work on any webplayer ?


                We just want the old webplayer back. The most annoying thing I miss from the old webplayer is that with more than one listed slingbox, it would save the speed settings for each box separately. I now have to keep it on auto when I just used to select best for one and good for another and auto for a 3rd.


                The new player is not great at all.

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                  Off the web (using the new slingbox.com feed) I cannot get HD or SD  to display in anything other than a "Pillarbox" format, unless I change the aspect ratio on the remote unit itself (Motorola 1200 or 1216 - ATT Uverse), which I then have to reset to HD when I get home.  I even had Sling support log in & they couldn't figure out what the problem was.  Tried the HDMI cables, all that did was screw everthing up, as Sling warns about.


                  This happens with both my new 500 and my old slingbox Pro.  Doesn't happen if I use the old slingbox software (non-web) with the old slingbox pro.


                  Looks like this: (see attachment)

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                  AdamJohnson Newbie

                  Hello Grant,


                  Thank you for reaching out to us on our online Answers Forum. I can understand why you are contacting up about this issue with the aspect ration and zoom. I would like to help you with this issue. What the problem could be is the aspect ratio that you are currently set in. You might want to change it to a different ratio. Keep in mind what video format your cable box is outputting for the best results.


                  Here is an article on the video formating:



                  Hopefully that helps out!



                       The Sling Media Moderation Team.

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      As the Moderator either doesn't understand or is not allowed to tell you the truth, allow me to explain what is actually going on


                      In http://watch.slingbox.com Sling have a dedicated Zoom button that cycles through 5 different Aspect settings,  (None, LetterBox, Anamorphic, PillarBox,WindowBox) and that copes with most of the Aspects used around the world.



                      In http://newwatch.slingbox.com they decided to simplify it to just 2 Aspect settings, 4:3 and 16:9




                      So that screws it up for many of us whose TV providers transmit signals in other Aspect Ratios.   Users have complained regularly to Sling about this but have been ignored.


                      Unfortunately for those of you resident in the USA, if you select http://watch.slingbox.com Sling have decided that you will be automatically redirected to http://newwatch.slingbox.com so you cannot access the old player like the rest of us.   The trick is simply to change your country to a non-US location by tapping on the country code in the top right.



                      Then you should be able to access the old player with it's correct Aspect rations.



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                          Please fix this issue. It seems to be an oversight by whomever coded the player. It's simple to explain:


                          - Watching 16:9 content is cropped to 4:3 letterbox

                          - When trying to zoom, the player maintains 4:3 ratio then crops the 16:9 content on the left & right sides

                          - There is no available combination of sling controls to watch 16:9 content utilizing the full screen


                          Please fix this. Slingbox hardware & software is not inexpensive so an expectation of quality is warranted.


                          Thank you,


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                              speedy22 Newbie

                              watch.slingbox.com then select Hong Kong (HK) as your country. OR when HK is selected just c/p  watch.slingbox.com into the same window and it will revert to the older webplayer. I hope they dont take this away either.


                              The main thing I miss with the old watch. site? Is changing the program guide from a zip code and or provider. it's so easy and doesn't require a complete reset like the new site does.