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    Will Slingbox change channels on the DirecTV HR34 ??


      DirecTV has the HR34 receiver that is now called the Genie.  The setup they are promoting is to use a "mini-client" in addition to the client (HR34).  The mini-client allows you to use one receiver for up to 5 TVs. They say you can watch the same recorded program at the same time in two different rooms.


      The question I have revolves around using the Slingbox 500 on this one receiver.  I'm used to the idea of the Slingbox changing the channel on the receiver that it is attached to.  This is why I use it with a gently used receiver upstairs so I don't annoy anyone at home when I'm away.


      If I have just one receiver (HR34) attached to the Slingbox with this mini-client (model C31), will I run into the same situation ?  There are 5 tuners recording 5 programs simultaneously but I can't wrap my head around how the Slingbox would interact with this setup.  Bottom line, I don't want to change channels while someone at home is watching TV.