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    Is Internet access required for Slingbox


      I would like to use a new Slingbox in my house on a network that doesn't have Internet access.  Will it work?


      I just watched the video and it indicates that the setup is simple, just connect through the Internet and go.  Well, I just want to go without connecting through the Internet.

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          Hello buziak,


          Great Question! You will need Internet access in order to use the Slingbox. Reason being is because you will be using our website, Slingbox.com, to access your Slingbox and for setup. Below is an informational article that explains how the Slingbox works:


          Hope this Helps!

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Is it possible to actually set up the slingbox to work without a constant internet connection?  I will soon be traveling to a remote location that will have a very limited internet system.  I believe I used to be able to do this with the Slingbox Classic - would this still work (i think I still have the Slingbox unit) perhaps with legacy software?  If so, where could that software be downloaded from? For reference to this question I currently have 1 Slingbox Classic, 1 SlingCatcher, 2 Slingbox Pro's, 1 Slingbox 350; watching on laptop, iTouch, iPad 4, Blackberry 9700.  I would like to set one system for viewing home tv via internet and a separate system set up to watch local tv on a local network.