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    stuck on initializig- please help me


      every time i get to sling box watch it stuck on initializing

      on internet explorer and on chrome to. and after 30 seconds the browser crashed!


      my browser set to 32 bit and i dont know what to do i am Frustrated ! please help me

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          gmoney Newbie

          If you're using a Mac, the current plugin supports 64-bit browsers.


          Does this issue occur with Safar, Firefox and Chrome?


          Do you actually have the latest plugin installed? .363?

          Is it in /Library/Interent Plug-ins and not ~/Library/Interent Plug-ins?


          Did you try clearing the cache?

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            jamesmccourt Novice

            It's started happening to me today!! It worked after the update but now freezes and crashes both Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers! (I am using Windows 7)



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              gmoney Newbie

              Did you apply any security or other updates today?  Nothing has changed for a few days.


              If Firefox is crashing...


              Firefox has a built in crash handler, which doesn't provide detailed information, disable that feature on Firefox:


              • Open application.ini available in c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox,  under [Crash Reporter] section, set the key Enabled to 0. If the system  is Win 7 or Vista, then editor tool needs to be opened in administrator  mode.

              • On Firefox address bar enter about:config

              • Right click on any key and select ‘New’ -->‘Boolean’ option, which will display a dialog asking then user to enter new key

              • Enter the name as dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npslingplayer.dll and  set the value as ‘false’, which means our SlingPlayer plugin will not  run in separate process, if a crash happens it’ll crash the whole  Firefox :).

              • In case of Win 7 and Vista, when a crash happens a dialog will be  displayed asking the user to restart Firefox. During this time go to  task explorer by pressing key combination ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’, then  select the crashed Firefox process and select option ‘Create Dump File’.

              • NOTE: [16th April 2012]

                For Firefox 11 onwards, system environmental variable MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_DISABLE needs to be added and set the value to 1.

                Refer  http://kb.mozillazine.org/Breakpad#Can_I_disable_Crash_Reporter.3F for more details.


              Also post the WebSlingPlayer.txt file:


              • Vista/WIN7 - C:\Users\..<User>..\AppData\Roaming\Sling Media\WebSlingPlayer\WebSlingPlayer.txt
              • WINXP - C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Sling Media\WebSlingPlayer\WebSlingPlayer.txt
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                same thing is happening to me!!! it's so frustrating anyone know what is wrong??? yesterday it worked just fine!

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                  Same thing happening to me, added new update, now when I try to open starts initializing, freezes then browser crashes ( with explorer). Tried with chrome after new update, same thing happened with this browser. Unfortunately can't help you but seems to have affected a few people.

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                    I haven't managed to find a fix for this but I did manage to find a download for slingplayer2 on US site that i managed to get working - You can change the video quality on this by clicking on 'settings'>'slingplayer options'. Sling seem to have deleted this download from UK site for some reason. Link below.



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                      OvCollyer Apprentice

                      Just wanted to report some strangeness with the plugin, that started I think with the update the other day, which might be related to these issues.


                      I use Safari on the Mac; that is the latest version of Safari and the latest version of OS X 10.8.


                      What happens is it says 'Initializing' and then appears to freeze for a few seconds, ie the animated icon also stops spinning. I then hear the audio and the video appears a few seconds later.


                      So the difference now is that it never displays 'Connecting to slingbox name' it just goes from 'Initializing' straight into showing the stream.


                      Now I have written a script which launches Safari, chooses a particular Slingbox from the directory, and switches to full screen without me having to do anything, I have set this up on a Mac Mini in conjunction with Remote Buddy and a Harmony remote control to give me an effective SlingCatcher replacement.


                      However, the problem is that the script relies on the old sequence of events, I.e. Initializing, then Connecting to xxx so that it can make sure it's connecting to the right Slingbox and if not to choose a different one from the directory. Now since the plugin no longer displays this step, my script has broken


                      It'd be great to have it working like it used to.


                      By the way, anyone interested in my script can find it here: