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    Slingbox Player 2.0 connection problem_help!!! Anyone have a same problem??


      Just a little bit of background on my slingbox solo. I purchased it a little over 3 months ago and now of course I can't request for a live tech support without paying for a service and the support help doesn't really help either so hoping someone from this forum can help out.


      When I got this few months back everything worked okay. I have been able to watch via online and Slingbox Player 2.0 until last week.  For some reason now, the Slingbox Player is acting up. it says " NO SLINGBOX FOUND...... We can't find slingbox on the network."  it tells you to make sure to check for light in the front and also make sure i'm connected to a same wireless network as the slingbox. I did not touch the unit so it's still hooked up the same way it was before!!!  why is this doing it now?  Also, I tried resetting it few times and unplug the power on the slingbox unit and my router as instructed on the online help and that doesn't seem to work either.... it's doing the same online as well. I AM not able to make a connection to the slingbox even though the front light shows a solid light as it should.  I'm not sure what's going on and can't figure it out. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. DO I NEED TO COMPLETELY RESTART AS IN REMOVE MY OLD SETUP AND START FRESH FROM THE BEGINNING?