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    Thoughts on the new Slingboxes


      I really wanted to just email Sling about this but I can't find an email address, so here I am.


      First off I want to say what I said in another post. Except for a few hitches, I think Slingbox is great. I have three. Also a Slingcatcher, and the iPhone and iPad app. I also picked up the WD live but.......don't think it's quite ready yet......anyway, I think I can call myself a loyal user. But, based on what I see right now, I don't think I'm going to be buying the new slingboxes.


      Two big reasons.


      One, lack of legacy (particularly Slingcatcher) support. The connected devices app is not good enough right now. If you're not going to support the sling catcher then make the app better. But is it really that hard to make a few adjustments to the new box or even, even (whispers) update the sling catcher?


      Two. The new boxes seem better in a few ways but not THAT much better. What would have been great would have been putting slingplayer capability in it. I might have even understood your reasoning behind your lack of Slingcatcher support. Admittedly, this is upgradable, but if you do decide to do that PLEASE get it to work as well as the slingcatcher, which, on a wired network, is rock solid.


      These days when everything is amazing, you have to go WAY further than a refresh or incremental upgrade if you want to break further into the mainstream. Don't really see that with these new products.


      Here's my suggestion. One box, Slingbox and slingplayer together. Make it really, really good at both those jobs. Make it wired or wireless. No frills. Just a box that amazingly and reliably pumps put tv to you wherever you are. Sell it at about $150. Then another box that does local streaming, Netflix, Hulu all that other stuff as well. Then people can upgrade without too much pain. Oh and support legacy products so we can take our time to upgrade. And we will upgrade. Us loyal types, when our wives say yes.


      All this is very disappointing for me, as, as I mentioned at the start, I do love Slingbox and I am ready to buy your next amazing product........when it arrives.

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          I rather agree with this previous poster. I do think slingbox is a wonderful device but the downfall is with the company itself.   I have said it sometime ago but when a company says an older device is not supported it like having an old car whose parts are not supported and that is actually not lawful to do so. On the chart under legacy devices it says system for IO 10.6 or later: "N/A = Not Available. These Slingbox models will not work with this version of SlingPlayer at all."    This is very misleading and totally unfair even if it were true designed to 'force" people to spending more money for a device that may not be all that much better but is planned  obsolescence nevertheless.And it is essentially asking someone to discard a working device to add to the garbage we already discard.  I am on 10.75 (LION) and have great trepitation to move to Mountain Lion if this statement is true.  There are two kinds of support that I believe is essential in order to trust a company. One is for the physical box itself. 90 days is hardly enough but if one is fortunate the box is good and doesn't need service and will outlive the warranty.  The other kind is for setup advice and software advice and general questions and that should  either be free or at least have an extended warranty for a minimum of 3 years and for some questions unlimited.    To say that an older device is not supported is totally unfair and that is one reason I have not upgraded.  If I upgrade it is because the new device has features I WANT not what I NEED, but otherwise since my old "vintage" sling works fine why would I want to replace it.  One feature I would really want is a slingbox with its own tuner so I can watch something else when the tv is in use. The timewarner app I use  does this so why can't slingbox?The next feature may already be available but I'm not sure which is a built  in wifi so I don't need to bridge the device with a separate modem bridge like I have now. With new streaming devices and smart tv's I'm wondering how spending more money will make sense in the future, but I'll say this- not being even available to help support an older WORKING slingbox is unacceptable. With that said, I am satisfied somewhat that my son could speak to a life representative and  got some "free" help when the sling would not suddenly work with his apple TV however most of the help was giving some references online to read and letting him now they could not help him without either spending more money or b/c the slingbox was an original. However two days later the situation was fixed and now he is happy.  But think about it.. if  software works one day and not the next this is a situation that should be able to be addressed b/c it was not the fault of the box that this happened. Why it suddenly stopped working and then suddenly started working again in unclear but   anxiety producing for him of his not being able to watch with his new apple TV box which he bought for that purpose  is again unfair  because  the issue was not b/c the machine was an old one.

             Granted the company is trying to keep afloat by selling new merchandise, I still think there must be ways to think out of the box than to get rid of the old box. But it scares me to think I should spend another couple hundred dollars or more not knowing that the support will be limited or not supported.