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    Windows Media Center Support


      Hello all,


      I'm pretty new to the site, and I am having a little trouble finding the answer to my question: Will there be a way to control my XP Windows Media Center PVR content from the Slingbox 500?


      The long version:

      I use a set-top box (DirecTV, so I could change the channel that way, but that's also not exactly what I am looking to do)

      I have an XP Media Center PC with an IR receiver and HDMI out (so I know I will definitely be able to at least view what's streaming)

      I also use the PC as my DVR/PVR. Will I be able to access this through one of the embedded slingplayer remotes, and will the Slingbox 500 support that sort of thing?



      Thank you for your time!

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          JazJon Newbie

          Did you ever get it working?  The few people that have tried said they get blank video via HDM from PC's.


          What if we just add a HDCP complient HDMI splitter?




          We would feed output #1 to the TV and output #2 to the SlingBox.


          Would this possibly work and get around the no video problem?


          I really would like my Windows 8 Media Center to be on a HDMI slingbox!  (I can't use component, no way)


          I'm tempted to just buy it, try it, and return it all if it doesn't work.  I'd rather ask first though.