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    Make us a universal remote app.  And a dedicated Desktop App


      Why don't you create a dedicated remote control app for iOS and Android?


      Your sling boxes include the necessary hardware, I.e  Ethernet/wifi and an infrared blaster in order to turn our handheld devices into universal remote controls.


      It would give buyers 2 reasons to buy a sling box.  For many people the frequency in which a sling box is currently required is minimal, making it hard to justify a purchase.  However add the ability to use their phones as a single universal remote and the frequency of use increases 10 fold and therefore the justification to buy a slingbox becomes easier.


      Plus you could charge separately for the remote app, maybe even in app purchases per device you want to control.


      Whilst I'm at it.  I have an iMac.  I can stream my Cablebox to this iMac from downstairs through my slingbox.  That's great.  But without a dedicated desktop app I cannot use the remote that came with my mac to change channels through my slingbox.  With a dedicated app and ability to use an apple remote I can use an iMac or any desktop computer as a Remote controlled TV in a room that doesn't have one.  In fact I could start getting rid of dedicated TV's all over the house.  Buying a slingbox would theoretically be a cost saving since I'd only have to purchase a single screened device for each room, as oppose to 2