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    Need Help Connecting Slingbox to AirPort Extreme


      I have read several threads about this general topic but I haven't found a solution to my problem.  I need to connect a slingbox SOLO to my home network.  The router I use is an Airport Extreme.  This is what happens when I try to set up the slingbox.


      When the two red lights are on (and not blinking) on the front of the slingbox I open the setup assistant on my macbook pro.  After about a minute of two, the slingbox disconnects from the network and I cannot continue the setup routine.  This has happened at least twenty times.  I try to reset the slingbox by pressing the reset button and going throught the setup assistant again, only to have the slingbox disconnect again while I'm trying to set it up.


      The slingbox IS ON THE NETWORK for a short while.  I can see my TV and hear sound through the setup assistant.  But then, after a short while the image freezes and the slingbox looses its connection.


      The slingbox is connected to the airport extreme with an ethernet cable.  They are two feet apart.  The router works well,  I have solid reception throughout the house.  Security is through WPA2.


      At some point in the past, I don't remember the steps, but I got that long alpha-numeric number ID for the slingbox.  I made a note of it and use that to connect slingbox to the network.


      I hope someone can help me with some suggestions on how to configure the slingbox. 





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          I am having a similar problem.  I have a slingbox pro, not HD.  The network light keeps blinking steady no matter what I try.  I have changed the router from Verizon to bridge mode and am using my Airport Extreme with my PPPoE information.  I have tried a hard reset of the slingbox to no avail.  If the answer is, the only way I am going to get connected is to call and pay the $30 then could someone just please tell me that.  I am getting very frustrated and considering parting ways with Slingbox Media.  I have never in my whole life had so much trouble with a product, not even Ikea furniture.  Please help.  Thanks.