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    Dropping; error code W202


      my slingbox disconnects every 3-5 minutes due to W202 "poor internet connection"  I can instantly reconnect and do not appear to have internet issues.  My speeds are between 38-45 MBPS.  It feels like  setting but I am not sure. Has anyone else been having this issue?  If it is truly an internet connection issue, how do I deomonstarte this to my ISP?


      Thank you

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          Hello House2172,


          I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Slingbox. Take a look at the link below for more information on the error you are receiving:


          Hope this helps!

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              The issue is as follows;

              every 3-5 minutes, I get disconnected from Slingbox due to error code W202 (poor internet connection).  I click reconnect and everything is fine.  I am able to stream from Netflix and DirecTV without issue.  It appears that it is a sling player issue and not my internet.  (I also troubleshooted the problem by using all of my routers, turning all wireless off and only connecting with Ethernet cable and used both safari and Firefox browsers).  The issue has persisted under all scenario’s.  I am looking for slingmedia to confirm it is not their software (or a certain setting) or give me advice how to “capture” the internet issue so  I can discuss it with my ISP.  The thing that makes me believe it is the slingplayer is that my internet is 10X faster than when I was in Russia, all other apps and streams are running well and this problem appears to have started when I tried connecting to the slingplayer in HD (vs. auto quality).



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              This problem seems similar to what I am experiencing but my error code is W220 and the text associated with this code is "Your streaming session ended because of network errors - Try connecting again"  I ran an Internet speedtest on my connection where the slingbox is located as well as the location where the brower based viewing was taken place.  Both ISP connections were 5Mbps or higher for both download and uploads.