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    No connection since last update


      I'm have been using a MacBook Pro and an iPhone4 to connect to my Slingbox Pro HD with no problem for 3 years now. Ever since the last update, I can't connect. I have checked to see that the router is on the network. I have both lights on on my Slingbox. Well, actually now, after resetting the Slingbox, I have the two lights, and the arched set of lights are continually blinking. Can anyone help? Thanks

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          same here......im getting half the signal and they are blameing it on my router..funny though it never happened before update

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              Updated slingbox and now cannot connect to the router.  I am out of warranty so sling will not help. Slingbox works in the home but not remotely. I have tried reinstalling but the setup does not support my router automatically and I can't seem to set the port forwarding manually.  I am using windows 7 and a netgear7550 from Frontier.  Slingbox  say sit not from the update but it hasn't worked remotely since update.

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                  I'm having the same issue. Aftere 4.5 years of no problems with my Slingbox Solo, I was suddenly unable to connect via laptop, desktop, or Android phone. I reset the wireless bridge, reset the Solo, and swapped out the ethernet cable. The wireless bridge has three other devices hooked up to it, all of which can connect to the internet. I even swapped the ethernet port used on the back of the bridge to one I know worked. I tried to reset the Slingbox, but it never got to the stage mentioned on the support site that the two lights should alternate. Now I have a perpetually blinking network light. I have no idea if my slingbox was updated recently or not -- how does one check that?


                  I wasted 25 minutes on the phone waiting for a tech support, only to find out that it will cost me $29.95 for help since my slingbox is over a year old -- something not mentioned on the web site. After I declined the offer, tbe support person suggested that this forum wold have a lot of helpful information. All I've seen is unanswered questions and a sggestion to replace the power supply.


                  I've disconnected the power supply and will let it sit that way overnight. Some time tomorrow I'll try again with the support page suggestions. I'll post back with what I find.

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                Same thing...the last update worked on one of my laptops but not this one!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...who has the number for slingbox, I call the number on the screen and they advise me it's the wrong department and we will call you back.