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    Notes and questions on 350 IR emitter and remote emitter


      I just received my Slingbox 350 - I am not a previous slingbox user.

      My configuration is to install it in a media cupboard with multiple TIVOs for different rooms in the house.


      Configuration went fine except for the IR control.

      As delivered the Slingbox 350 appears to have at least 3 IR emitters - one on the front of the unit and one on each side.

      In my media closet this meant that the unit bathes the closet in IR beams and controls every TIVO in the house, and not just the one I wanted.


      To fix this I first used black insulating tape on all the IR windows on the Slingbox 350. This stops the IR coming out of the Slingbox itself.

      Can someone confirm there are just the 3?


      Next I plugged in the remote pyramid IR blaster. It is not obvious where the IR output is on this, but I assumed it is on the triangular face opposite where the cable comes out (other manufacturers make much smaller units using sticky pads that you can just attach neatly to the device in question. However, this is a BIG unit. I attached it to the TIVO in question using copious amounts of black insulating tape to make sure that the IR does not 'leak out' to the other devices.


      Now all seems to work as intended. I hope others might find this useful. I don't know if anyone knows a more elegant way of addressing the problem?