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    Please bring back ATSC Tuner...




      I used to own the original slingbox but replaced it with the Slingbox Pro HD.  I currently do not have Cable, Satelite or other traditional television services.  I do have Netflix, but I am augmenting that with live TV from an over-the-air antenna for (free) ATSC digitial tv broadcasts.  I am considering adding a 2nd Slingbox so two members of the household can watch TV on portable devices at the same time.  The lack of an ATSC tuner in newer Slingboxes is disappointing and very limiting. Why was the ATSC tuner removed from newer devices??  Even if you brought out a basic Slingbox with just an ATSC tuner, that would suffice for the over-the-air market. 

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          This feature was something I failed to notice when I ordered a Slingbox 500.  I had been using an older Slingbox PRO in conjunction with a DTVPal CECB so I simply moved that configuration over.  Of course the video is standard definition and I have no QAM capability (which really isn't a problem but it would be nice to have that option).  I understand Sling may have a USB based ATSC tuner at some point but there has been a dearth of information on it.