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    Nightmare Watching Slingbox 500/Cisco EA4500 - Help Needed


      Went through setup, which is now painless as it requires no port-forwarding or anything else . . . . except that the pic is maxing out at about 400 kbps despite bandwidth limits of >20mbps up and down. Tech support totally baffled and had no solutions. Obviously the problem is somehwere in the router settings which need to be tweaked (using in-home networking I'm averaging about 8500 kbps), but nobody from Slingbox has a clue how to help me. I have the previous version - Slingbox HD, and with port forwarding at 5001 I get between 5000 and 6000 kbps. I know the port has changed on the 500, so I've set to 5201 and to my home-assigned address of and "both" on protocol . . . gotten nowhere. Any advice/settings would be most sincerly appreciated.