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    Plugin - scroll down for "accept" the terms of the eula


      Was trying to setup the watch through browser (safari), tired of watching the spinning dots, looked here for help. Accidentally I discovered that I had to scroll down to see and accept the terms of the eula. Did that, restarted safari, went to watch, was informed I needed a newer version of the plugin, scrolled down and accepted the terms again. Spinning for a long time, now see I have to read the fine print on the screen indicating "success" and the need to restart the browser one more time.

      Oh, yeah, I wouldn't have to use the browser if the mac app supported HD streaming. HD was the reason I bought a slingbox pro-hd, a year and a half ago. Am I missing something here? Even directv got together and enabled multi room viewing for their dvrs in that time frame. Is HD ever going to happen for the mac? I guess I'm glad I didn't buy a Monsoon/Hava player, they still list mac support in development phase...