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    SlingPlayer 2.0.5 restricts bandwidth with Slingbox PRO to 600kbps



      after installing the newest Android SlingPlayer 2.0.5 (phone version) few weeks ago and connecting to Slingbox PRO (red brick) I have noticed that the stream bandwidth can't go above 600kbit/s, it is stable but never reaches more.

      In the wireshark trace I can't see any dropped or retransmitted TCP packets.

      I didn't have this problem before installing SlingPlayer 2.0.5 on the same network.

      The Slingbox PRO has the latest version (1.4.x), as far as I can see there is no never version since the box is discontinued.

      I was not able to find similar topic on any of the Forums.

      If I connect with the PC to the same Slingbox PRO using the same WLAN/LAN network it works as before, more than 3Mbit/s, no problems there.

      I have a professional Cisco Aironet AP and 1GE switch for the Slingbox.

      None of the phones or tablets have any other CPU, connection or throughput problems.

      I have repeated this test with 3 different mobile phones and 2 different Tablets but I still have a same problem.

      All of them are high-end Samsung or HTC devices like Samsung Note 2 or Tab 7.7.

      The same problem applies if I use "HD" or "SD" Player setup quality (button on the left side in Player UI).

      On the same network I also have Slingbox Solo and HD PRO and the video signal is perfect, also if I use same phones and same tablets, also with Tablet SlingPlayer.

      Of course the SlingPlayer tablet version can't even connect to the Slingbox PRO, on my tablet I also tested with SlingPlayer phone version..

      So now my questions:


           a) is this issue already know to other users?

           b) is SlingMedia planning to fix this, do they know about this?

           c) is it possible to rollback to old version of SlingPlayer?




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          MTFrobin Newbie

          When connecting via cat cable you should be getting 8120 kbps (8 megs) max. I would reboot the Sling boxes


          I just read an article that AT&T is thottleing back on people who use more than 3 gigs in a month who have unlimited data plans.


          I still get 4,600 kbps on my Verizon Droid Maxx at least till today so far.


          As far as rolling back I'm still trying find a way.

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              Dear MTFrobin,

              just to clarify, to avoid missunderstanding, I am talking about "red" Slingbox PRO, not about "black" Slingbox PRO HD.

              And yes, I did a reboot of my Slingbox PRO, unfortunatelly this didn't help, I am still stuck at 600kbit/s on Android SlingPlayer.

              PC Web Browser player doesn't have this limitation.

              Did you try with "red" Slingbox PRO? If I get this correctly you have Droid Maxx that is an US Android phone?

              What is your firmware version on Slingbox PRO? You also have SlingPlayer 2.0.5?

              By the way, I am in Europe and the test is done first on my home network, not using 3G HSPA+.

              But if I use 3G HSPA+ connection from the same phone I also get 600kbit/s max.

              And my speedtest on 3G shows 6+Mbit/s.

              If I use the same phone to connect to the Slingbox SOLO on the same home network from 3G network I get up to 4Mbit/s streaming.



              PS If I don't get any useful answers from the Forum members soon I will pay for the support case.

              I will also try to inform the community about the results.

              I only hope SlingMedia will refund my case fee if the problem is on their side.


              PS1 I have found one post about the similar problem I have, it is from style3d.


              He also had the similar "600 kbit/s" limitation.

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                  MTFrobin Newbie

                  I have both pros but I haven't connected to the red one in a long time and not with the Android either.

                  I gave it to my Father with the HD connect dongle, if I go out there again I'll set it up again to play on my new Android.

                  That's about the best I can do for you. I might not be out for the next couples of weeks, sorry.


                  I can tell you that with my Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone with Mobile SlingPlayer 1.6, that was all I got, around 600 to 850 kbps, Standard or HD with the red one

                  Then they did an upgrade to the Mobile SP and they did away with showing what the stream rate was. So how knows what it was.

                  I never really used the upgrade, they ruined it just like they did to the Android App now.


                  I also what to point out that when you use the new Desktop Player 2.xx it will automatically upgrade the firmware on the Slingbox to the latest.

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                just as a note.

                I have opened an official support case for this almost 2 months ago.

                Also each 2-3 weeks I called the german support centre.

                Each time I got the response that the case was "escalated" to US.

                No other explanations was provided, not even like "yes, we have reproduced the problem" or "yes, we are working on this".

                Does anybody knows someone that works in US for Slingbox?

                The European support is useless, they don't even have a LAB to try to reproduce the customer problems (I was told over the phone)?


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                    MTFrobin Newbie

                    They don't do it here either uless they happen to have the same phone and wireless carrier and internet provider..


                    Im sorry I should have reread your post forget what I typed. LOL

                    I still haven't hooked up to my father's Red Slingbox Pro to give you an answer.


                    I wonder if going to the router and setting Qos might help for the Red SB Pro.


                    Have you tried to go back to 1.3 apk? It works better anyway even if it does not show bitrate.

                    And the picture is far better!!!!!!!!!!

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                        my setup and tests are mainly based on local network where there is enough bandwidth.

                        Of course exactly the same problem occurs with remote viewing over 3G/4G.

                        European Public WLAN/3G/4G Providers don't restrict the bandwidth unless you purchase low end subscriptions where such restrictions are cleary stated in the service description. Things works differently in Europe than in USA due to very strong EU consumer protection law.

                        Here Providers don't hide any service restrictions.

                        My mobile subscription is contractually restricted at 100Mbit/s but the Provider Network can't go over 20Mbit/s in case of LTE coverage or arround 7+Mbit/s with HSPA+.

                        With the speedtest on LTE I have up to 20Mbit/s and 7+Mbit/s on 3G. So also not a reason for this 600kbit/s problem with PRO box.

                        With my remote viewing on 3G/4G with any other Slingbox on the same private LAN segment it kicks up to 4Mbit/s streaming with no issues.

                        That is also what I explained the support.

                        With the speedtest on my mobile using local network WLAN I have up to 50 up/ 5 down Mbit/s which is what my DSL Provider subscription is based on.

                        According to the forums I am not the only one with the exact problem.

                        Also as you can see in my case the problem occurs only with Slingbox PRO.

                        I believe this is due to the fact that Slingbox considers this box as "end of life product" and that they didn't test the new 2.0.5 player with it.

                        To repeat, with the same phone(s) and tablets and same home network with Solo, HD PRO and with 500 (new as of few weeks) I don't have this problem.

                        You also wrote "go back to 1.3 apk".

                        Well, as I know this is not possible, Android doesn't allow a simple Apk rollback.

                        Also, I didn't make a full phone packup with 1.3 and also I didn't root my phone.

                        So you need to elaborate more what do you mean "go back to 1.3 apk", my understanding is that it is not possible for me now.