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    Boxee TV?

    jamesmccourt Novice

      Will the new Boxee TV product available in November feature SlingPlayer?



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          tcaradonna Novice

          I have one right now.  So far the slingplayer app is not present.

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            shaysfn Novice

            Hey jamesmccourt,


            Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you have a question about the Boxee TV and Slingplayer.


            At this time, the Slingbox is not compatible with the Boxee TV due to lack of Flash support.


            Keep an eye on our site though because we make updates and changes all the time.


            Hope this helps.




            Sling Moderation Team

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                tcaradonna Novice

                Is this a hint that slingplayer may be planned for release on Boxee TV?

                That would be very welcome considering the loss of support for Boxee Box.


                I sincerely hope that future support of media players will not be limited to the current Slingbox line (i.e. 350/500) and will also work for the previous line of Pro-HD & Solo.