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    can't connect to SlingBox 350 from Browser


      I recently upgraded from a Slingbox Classic to the 350.


      I am able to connect to it using the iphone and ipad apps, over wireless and 3g.


      I can't connect to the Slingbox 350 from work, however, and I was able to connect to the Classic.


      I tried Chrome and IE and neither worked. Kept getting "connection too slow" error message.


      I talked to Slingbox tech support and they were able to connect remotely but wouldn't help me determine why it doesn't work from work anymore.


      I assume it is either a proxy or firewall issue at work but I have no idea what it could be. I allowed all protocols and ports outgoing from my computer and it still didn't work.


      anyone have any ideas?

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          BrandonC Novice

          It could be the port that it's using or you don't have one setup.

          If your router has UPnP turned on and the Slingbox can control it then it probably used port 5201. You could setup your router to give the Slingbox350 a static IP address and then manually setup a port forward address like your classic used. Probably 5001.
          Then hard reset the Slingbox and rerun setup It should then use TCP portforwarding and the post # you set it to. That should set it to the same settings your Classic used and may then work in your office.