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    Why not Western Digital discussion?? New firmware better but still has issues

    pennste Newbie

      I own a Logitech and a WD Media Player. Neither a great device up to this point. For some reason Sling won't even start a discussion forum for the WD device which is never a good sign. Called Sling support after installing new 1.11.14 firmware on WD Media Player as it had some Slingplayer updates. Actually performance was much improved over previous releases, almost tolerable. However I have multiple Slingboxes on the network and 3 of them are compatible with the WD Sling software, however when selecting the one Slingplayer the WD Sling software actually logs into another Slingbox. Tech Support knows nothing about the WD implementation so I will put the WD back on the shelf and wait for another release, if one ever comes. Hard to believe Sling can't get this working to an acceptable level. They had enough time given they waited to years to release a new 350/500 unit.